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Date: 15th March

Theme: Lent 3: Ask

Bible Readings: Psalm 17 6-9, Matthew 7: 7-11, Philippians 4: 4-7

Worship Songs:

Sheet             Come now is the time to worship

Sheet             The splendour of the King (How great is our God)

Sheet             My Jesus my Saviour (Shout to the Lord)

Sheet             Over the mountains and the sea (I could) will sing of my love

MP 782          Worthy O worthy are you Lord        

Sheet             Light of the world (Here I am to worship)

MP 788          You are beautiful beyond description                                         

Sheet             From everlasting to everlasting, you are God

Service leader: Mark Lawson

Talks: Mark Lawson  LISTEN/DOWNLOAD

And in case you missed them:-

Date: 8th March

Theme: Lent 2: Adoration, Hallowed be Thy Name

Bible Readings:  1 Kings 19: 11-13, Isaiah 6: 1-8

Worship Songs:

Sheet     Come, now is the time to worship

Sheet     Strength will rise (Everlasting God)

Sheet     Above All Powers

MP 391  Jesus you are the radiance

Video      Beautiful One (Tim Hughes)

S 37        When I look into your holiness

N 123     Purify my heart

Sheet     Jesus be the centre

Service leader: Simon Cox


Date: 1st March

Theme: Lent 1: Being Still Before God

Bible Readings:  Psalm 46:10

Worship Songs:

Sheet      Praise is rising

Sheet      What a friend we have in Jesus

Sheet      Jesus is Lord, behold the King of Kings

Sheet      In the secret, in the quiet place

N44         Here is bread

Sheet      Build Your Kingdom Here

Service leader: Brian Lowrey

Talk: Brian Graham   LISTEN/DOWNLOAD

Date: 23rd February

Theme: The Beautiful Cross

Bible Readings: HEBREWS 12. 1-3  NIV

Worship Songs:

Sheet     Bless the Lord (10000 reasons)

Sheet     Jesus Lamb of God (You are my all in all)

N 145     There is none like you

Sheet     Here is love vast as the ocean

Sheet     Jesus Christ, I think about your sacrifice

Sheet     This is my desire (Lord I give you my heart)

Service leader: Debbie Cox


Date: 16th February

Theme: Mission - Matt Davis, Emmaus Rd Church, Woking

Bible Readings: Matthew 28:18-20

Worship Songs:

Sheet          Come, now is the time to worship

Sheet          When the music fades

M 50           Be still for the presence of the Lord

N153           To be in your presence

N138           Teach me to dance

Service leader: Angie Carpenter

Talk: Matt Davis   LISTEN/DOWNLOAD

Date: 9th February

Theme: Missionary Service

Bible Readings: Matthew 28:16-20

Worship Songs:

Sheet             Beautiful saviour (all my days)
Sheet             How deep the father’s love for us
Sheet             The Lord’s my shepherd (and I will trust in you alone)
Sheet             Hear the call of the kingdom

Service leader: Helen Eyers

Talks: Phil and Elaine Slade   LISTEN/DOWNLOAD

Date: 2nd February

Theme: Relective Service

Bible Readings: 2 Thess 1:11

Worship Songs:

Sheet             Oh lord my God when I in awesome wonder (How Great Thou Art)

Sheet             Before the throne of God above.

Sheet(513)    Oh lord you're beautiful

MP 465/S29  Meekness and majesty

Sheet             King of kings, majesty

Service leader: Jo Emett

Sermon: Jo Emett   LISTEN/DOWNLOAD

Date: 26th January

Theme: God's Power: God is Sufficient

Bible Readings: 2 Cor 12:7-10

Worship Songs:

Sheet            From the highest of heights (Indescribable)

MP 391         Jesus you are the radiance.

S 63              There is power in the name of Jesus.

Sheet            Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord.

Sheet            The Splendour of the King (How Great is Our God)

Sheet            Lord how majestic you are.

Sheet          10,000 reasons (Bless the Lord O my soul)

Service leader: Rita Adam

Sermon: Norman Adam   LISTEN/DOWNLOAD

Date: 19th January

Theme: God's Power: Enlightened eyes of the heart

Bible Readings: Ephesions 1:13-23

Worship Songs:

254            I am a new creation

Sheet         In Christ Alone

467            Morning has broken

Sheet         Here I am humbled by your majesty (Majesty)

Sheet         Open the eyes of my heart Lord

Sheet         Holy Spirit living breath of God

Service leader: Peter Sullivan

Sermon: Angie Carpenter   LISTEN/DOWNLOAD

Date: 5th January

Theme: The Greatness of God's Power: Who Is God

Bible Readings: Isaiah 40:12, 22; Psalm 71

Worship Songs:

Sheet             Who can know the mind of our Creator (I stand in Awe)

Sheet             From the highest of heights (Indescribable)

NMP 72          Jesus is the name we honour

Sheet             Jesus Christ I think upon your sacrifice (Once Again)

Sheet             The Splendour of the King

MP506           O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder (How Great thou art)

Service leader: John Rogers

Sermon: Mark Lawson   LISTEN/DOWNLOAD