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Social Acts

One of the best ways of getting to know people is to do something fun together. So we have a programme of monthly social events in which we enjoy ourselves by getting together for barbecues, walks, quiz nights, concerts and other activities.

The programme for 2020 is still fluid, which means things might happen on an impromptu basis and I might not be able to give you advance notice of them - sorry!

However, if you have a burning desire to do something social, perhaps Bungee Jumping for the Over 70's?, then put your suggestion to the Leadership Team.

Sat 7th March

 Quiz Night












We try to offer a variety of walks both short and longer, and also to include some more challenging ones on week-days and maybe some shorter ones at week-ends. We don't produce a printed programme for our Church walks, instead, plans are made 2-3 weeks in advance of each projected walk, and all who have expressed an interest are contacted to see if they'd like to join that event.

So there are no dates to write down, but if you'd like to receive details of planned walks as the season progresses, please give your name as soon as possible to Avril or John Eyers or Brian Lowrey. When you do this you can indicate which sorts of walks you'd like to hear about throughout the season. People who are not members of Park Church are of course very welcome on our walks, as are dogs on leads, small babies in back packs, etc.