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MWCC 2018

Thank you for your prayers for camp this summer. We were apprehensive about moving to a new site, but it was great and a everything worked OK (more or less!)

 Week l (youth camp) started with a deluge - alter such a long hot summer, we had about 3 days of solid rain with strong winds. This meant that all the tents pegs put in during Advance Guard had to be re-done several times, which was hard going for the tech team. However, the weather didn’t diminish the fun had, or the quality of the teaching, and the kids had a great time. There were a few accidents (four trips to A&E with broken bones!), but nothing that could have been prevented!

 Week 2 (youth camp) which we supported, had a new leadership team, which worked very well, and will be coming back next year. The majority of the campers were unchurched children, and the message of friendship delivered during the week was a really positive message, Having woods nearby was good for activities, and a great time was had at West Wittering beach (going early to avoid the queues), and a local activities centre to do canoeing and paddle-boarding. 

 Families camp followed, and had a great “inclusive” feel, regardless of whether they were first-timers or “old-timers!” There was a sickness outbreak during the week, following a swimming trip, but additional hygiene processes put in place stopped it spreading further.

 Advance Guard (camp set-up) was a longer, more spread out affair, running for almost a week, as being on a new site, there were infrastructure issues to resolve, but with a small team earlier in the week, these were sorted. Having proper flush toilets and showers is making camp quite civilised. The cookhouse is also a great asset - the environmental health officer was very impressed, and gave us a 5-star rating! The bulk of the tents were put up on Thursday and Friday of the week, including some “new” frame tents that had come from the set of "Mission Impossible”. A few more people would have been helpful.

 Rear Guard (camp take-down) was much better than last year. We were able to start earlier than last year, as most of families camp had left the previous evening. We managed to clear the whole site, and move everything up to our storage container about half a mile away, finishing just as it was getting dark. We had a team of about 15, but more next year would be helpful!

 One of the things that was reported back at the recent committee/trustees meeting was that although we had moved to a new site, it still felt like Mid-Wessex camps, and we were very aware of God’s blessing on the site, on the lives of the young people and families that attended and on the practical issues that we faced.

 Planning for 2019 camps is already underway and the dates have already been published on the website: Forms for camp will be available within the next few weeks. As usual, l will need help for Advance and Rear Guard to put camp up/take camp down - we look forward to seeing you there next year! If you are unable to attend, please continue to pray, not just for the preparations for next year, but for those who were on camp this year, and who are now back at school/college/work.

Peter Sullivan 

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