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Leadership Focus 

This devotional thought was prepared for the April 2020 edition of Park Life magazine, but because of the corona virus crisis production of the magazine has been suspended. Nevertheless, here is the thought. 

  Church Is Where God Is

I had several thoughts in mind for the Focus article this month, but I have shelved them when the Corona virus changed our daily lives so much. Suddenly, we must stay indoors and away from one another. It all feels alien and weird. In fact, it feels a little bit like the opposite of how we have always done church. We meet, we worship, we pray and we serve in community. And thankfully, even if it is in a new way we still can.

We are still God’s church in Aldershot, we can meet with each other, perhaps by phone text, group calls or just at stopping at the same time on a day to pray and worship. We can still serve each other and the community by keeping in touch, doing what we can and caring.

The leadership are doing our best to keep people connected and it is clear the rest of the church are doing this too. We are still together. If you need anything, practical, spiritual or other please contact someone. We are here.

This weekend I was due to give the talk on Hearing from God. In the busyness of our thoughts, it hard to stop and hear the still small voice. I won’t spoil the service in case it comes later but I was struck once about the lovely banner at church which reminds us “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46 v 10. If we want to hear from God now at the point of great need we can pause first and review the foundation of our faith. Our God is Lord and he is with us, our families and friends. He is here. We often take that one powerful verse but the whole chapter is worth our meditation. It is subtitled “God the Refuge of His People” and the few verse says “God is our refuge and strength, a present and well proved help in trouble.”

When I wrote the crisis guidelines for a previous employer intended to help deal with major events such as death, kidnapping, natural disaster, I included this chapter. It recognises current difficulties and calls us to look to God our help. Let’s seek him; maybe he will use this time to radically speak with us, change our thinking, draw us closer.

So, we can’t do church exactly as we did but our foundation is unchanged and we are still serving him together.

Helen Eyers

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