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Leadership Focus 

This devotional thought appears on the front page of the November 2018 edition of Park Life magazine.


The focus article. It is surprising how often it’s suddenly your turn to write the article. When it is, there is suddenly a moment when you rack your brains seeking, looking for that profound comment or insight to share in less than 500 words. I don’t feel profound at the best of times and even less profound with a deadline. The written word isn’t really my favourite communication style either, which can make the whole thing doubly daunting.

And yet, these aren’t the real pressures!

You can find yourself pondering the time of year, interesting things that have happened, and world events etc. searching for the thing that is relevant to the life of the church in the moment.

Then the idea. It's been sparked as a thought from a conversation on something completely different. So for a while you mull it over. Is it good enough, long enough, relevant enough?

Collaborations in the Bible. Perhaps that sounds more like a thesis topic but collaborations can bring such blessings.

Moses and Aaron

Deborah and Barak

Naomi and Ruth

Paul and Silas

Just a few examples, and they aren‘t perfect collaborations but we are dealing with flawed people. But they did bring about rescue, wisdom, love, kindness, knowledge and gave voice for God’s message.

I often don’t step forward to do something even though I think it’s on my heart because it involves something I don’t want to do or don’t think I can do. I might take the whole burden of a project on myself and think if I don’t have all the resources then I shouldn’t start. In a church community we have ready made collaborations and for the most part we work really well together. When an event happens people start helping, if they know what is needed they will get on with it, from washing up to making contact and we have a huge variety of talents that work together as a great collaboration. This whole article is effectively collaboration as someone gave me that first nugget of an idea. We collaborate instinctively and yet perhaps we have at times been limited by an unwillingness to seek collaborations.

In the last few years we have begun collaborating with other churches on Alpha or Alpha-like groups, social activities, ACT and beyond. It’s exciting and like the collaborations in the bible we can do more to achieve our vision bringing rescue, wisdom, love, kindness, knowledge and gave voice for God’s message. 

Helen Eyers

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