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Leadership Focus 

This devotional thought appears on the front page of the September 2018 edition of Park Life magazine.

  Community Outreach

'Lord Jesus, may I know You and make You known'

This is the simple prayer that Dave Andrews, an inspirational Australian author, speaker, social activist, community leader, prays each day as he seeks to see God’s Kingdom come in his community and build bridges from the church into it.

 Our church vision, as Peter reminded us last month, is to see Gods power and love flowing out and I’m adding, for this article, the implied addition .... into our community.

 But how? lt can only be through us - and as Dave’s prayer says, only through us if we know Jesus and make Him known.

 Church is designed to be for the welfare of the community, the worshipping community and the wider one. We ourselves of course are the church; therefore we are designed to do each other and our community good.

The church is the yeast in the dough of the community. So, as in the parable the leaven leavens the lump, we are to be entirely mixed into our community, indistinguishable from  it, yet remaining clear about who we are and whose we are, staying immersed within the community so that together we rise up.

 So how do we get so immersed? We can do it in two ways.  We can seek formal Ways to get involved, we can join groups, committees, volunteer and get involved in organisations so that we help and connect with people. And, we can find informal ways to help and connect by schmoozing, hanging out, sharing, building friendships and developing reciprocal relationships. In this way we find out what people need by connecting with them, loving them and being loved back. 

We can be brothers and sisters with Christ, working with Him to see His Kingdom come by doing small things with great love.

Jesus served his community - he did people good wherever and however he could He found out about them and their need and did what was in His power to do. By copying Him, by looking around us or actively seeking people to help and doing it with great love We become fellow workers with Christ building His Kingdom and His Church.

 Jo Emett    


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