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And Here Is This Month's Latest News 

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 Easter Services

At Christmas, we enjoyed the fellowship of our friends from St Michaels who came along to our carol sen/ice. For our Easter Day service we will be joining with St Michael’s for a shared morning service at 10.00am at their church. This will be an opportunity to say to the community that we are one Christian united family with the same Father God and Saviour, His Son, Jesus, and to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus together. More details will be in April’s newsletter. 

Easter Experience

At harvest time, St Michaels invited all the children from the school to the church to learn about God`s provision to us. At Easter this year, they are planning to invite the children to an “Easter Experience” in the church, to learn about the true meaning of Easter_ Volunteers will be needed to help out at this event - if you are prepared to help, please let one of the leader- ship team know, 

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Aldershot Food Bank

Harvest FruitOur Harvest Thanksgiving Service this year was on Sunday 30th September. As with last year, the Leadership Team agreed that all the donations would go to the local Food Bank (Trussell Trust). A financial collection was made and goods purchased from Booker, which were displayed in the Church for the Harvest Service.

This year, through your generosity, the offering was in excess of £252 which resulted in 150kg of goods being delivered to the Aldershot Food Bank.
Thank you for your your contributionss to this invaluable work and the goods were gratefully received.

Brian Graham

Latest Update -

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 Mid Wessex Christian Camps

 For a report on the MWCC 2018 camps see HERE.

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The Woollen Crosses

What did you think about the idea of taking a woollen cross when I talked about them a few weeks ago? I must admit I didn’t know Whether any would go, or if I’d be left with a full consignment. I was really encouraged to see that all fifteen went that same day. How do you “use” yours if you had one?

I took one, but didn’t know what to do with it. But once I’d got it home I decided to put it in our bedroom with the things I take from my  pockets every evening, so that in the morning when l fill my pockets again I pick up the cross, pause for a moment as I hold it, and say a simple prayer, using these Words: “Lord Jesus, I take up my cross today out of love for you who took up your cross for me. ” One day I may decide to change the Words, but for now they are a useful challenge. And I don’t plan to stop after Easter. Jesus talked about taking up our cross every day, and he didn’t restrict that to Lent, or Passover, or any specific time of the year.

John Eyers

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 PA/AV Desks

There have been quite a few occasions recently when there hasn’t been anyone to manage the PA desk. It would be good to have more people trained to use it. You may look at the bank of knobs and sliders, and think it’s too technical, but on the whole, there are only a few things you have to do - its not difficult. l can run training sessions if you are interested, please let me know, and I will organize them.

NEWS: In October we installed a brand new mixer desk, which is simpler than the old one and twice as smart. Come and have a look at it and have a 'play'.

 Peter Sullivan.

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Town Centre Pastoral Team

We need more Team Members in the town centre.

Some of the people who have worked on the TCPT for several years have moved on or 'retired' and we do need to guarantee at least two people to make up a Team: this sometimes proves difficult.

There is only one qualification: that you believe in and wish to serve Jesus Christ. You may be a good conversationalist, or, like me, reserved and quiet, but God accepts our willingness and enables us to do far more than we might expect-it can be quite exciting!

Do speak to me, David Cottingham, if you are interested in ‘having a look’.

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Church Walks

 The last walk was a very enjoyable trek around Compton, following part of the North Downs Way and ending up in the Watts Gallery Tea Rooms for a Welsh Rarebit! Walks have been hibernating for the winter and because of the incapacity of the organizer; but watch this space for the next 'impromptu' walk. For details of changes to the organization of the walks calendar, CLICK HERE.

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Monthly Prayer Guide

 The Monthly Prayer Guide is now to be found in the Park Life magazine.
Your help will be appreciated in compiling the guide – please pass items for prayer to Geoff Evans, either by email or on a note to him.

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Through The Gates TTg

 Through the Gates (TTg) is a Christian based community project run by Viv Dawes in Aldershot, providing support for anyone (aged 18 and over) who has a drug and alcohol addiction.,. Each TTg participant has weekly individual sessions and in these sessions they work through what is known as The Genesis Process, which helps participants look at the root causes of ad-diction and how it has affected the body, mind, emotions, relationships and spirit.
currently runs TTg on their own with one volunteer who helps facilitate a group. The project supports 6 - 8 people at any one time who together work through The Genesis Process throughout the course of a year.
The materials, drug/alcohol tests and stationery all add up, and TTg costs about £6,500 to run each year. If you would like to help support this work financially, please contact Viv on 07905 403838 or email

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Intercare - A Reminder

 If you have patent medicines unused with at least 15 months before the expiry date, you may wish to send them to Intercare, 46, The Halfcroft, Syston, Leicester. LE7 1LD. They will forward them to needy folk in the Africa. You can view the work of Intercare on Forwarding costs money, of course, so any little gift with the medicines would be appreciated, though do not let this stop us from sending.