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Church House Groups

House Group at 260 Lower Farnham Road

There will be 5 at 260, to which all are invited…..

 Based on

“There are no ordinary people”

book and DVD by Jeff Lucas

 Find out what makes us significant through the story of Barnabas, the Bible’s ‘son of encouragement’.

       Wed 23 May – Living the Ordinary Life Beautifully

      Thur   7 June – The Power of Kindness

      Thur 21 June – Healthy Church

       Wed   4 July –  Navigating Conflict

       Thur 19 July –  Summary and Meal Together

All sessions at 7.45-9.00pm except the meal on 19 July which will be at 7.15pm.  The mix of Wed and Thur is due to having to fit round diaries……


House Groups are informal meetings in the relaxed setting of a home, and are usually held on mid-week days or evenings.

They have three main purposes:-

  • To help each other in Christian life and growth through sharing together, praying for one another, and supporting each other.
  • To learn together from the Bible and each other, to understand and apply its message to our lives.
  • To build bridges of friendship and trust, so that others discover God's love for them.

Everyone is welcome to attend a House Group, either regularly or on a come-when-you-can basis.

For further information about House Groups currently running, call or email using the details on the Contact Us page.